Famous fashion girls that celebrate Halloween ( wishing their fans Happy Halloween)

In this post at fashion stuffs we re going to write something about the famous fashion girls that celebrate Halloween,  wishing their fans Happy Halloween. We are going to show to you some of their photos that have shown in their profile in instagram, so the photos are not mine and I will give you the link of their profile on instagram under their photos.

Famous fashion girls that celebrate Halloween ( wishing their fans Happy Halloween)
source: Kelly Brook Instagram 
We have choose to show you two photos from Kelly Brook that was at the Halloween party, and as you can she is became like the bad side that every person have inside of his self. I am going to give a short review at the end of this post about what Halloween is and my opinion if Halloween must be celebrated or we just want to celebrate no matter what this days symbols or this parties means.

Famous fashion girls that celebrate Halloween ( wishing their fans Happy Halloween)
source: Kelly Brook Instagram 
 The position of Kelly Brook on the first picture means a lot about e lot of her fans while the imagination of everybody goes forward but we are not stopping here, but what I can say is that the red dress that Kelly Brook have chosen to dress makes her look so much  like an teenage girl, and I am pretty sure that this what she wants to achieve. While in this second picture she looks much more like an teenage girl doing an selfie because she must remind that she is not 18 years old. Anyway everything that she do, everything that she dresses we like it and we respect it because she is Kelly Brook and she can not be wrong we can just follow her, in her fashion style. And to add, if we follow her we will look pretty and nice like she looks in the third picture below.
Famous fashion girls that celebrate Halloween ( wishing their fans Happy Halloween)
source: Kelly Brook Instagram 
What to say about this photo her hairs are so perfect, her lips are in the best color that we can not stop to mention that, the color of the hairs the lips fits so well even sometimes red and black fits more, but in the case of Kelly Brook this is not a problem she makes the red lipstick and the brown hair to fit so well and give us the satisfaction to look her in such  good photos.
Famous fashion girls that celebrate Halloween ( wishing their fans Happy Halloween)
This is our first time that we have Jasmin Walia in our fashion blog, fashion stuffs. So we are going to present her to you, what she do and why is at fashion stuffs today. She is an English television personality,actress and a good singer. Today we are not going to talk too much about her activities but we want to show you the first photo where she looks full of fashion accessories. And this means that we can talk too much about that but what we can see from the first photo is her Indian fashion style.

Famous fashion girls that celebrate Halloween ( wishing their fans Happy Halloween)

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P.S. I do not think that celebrating Halloween is a good thing it has no relation with a good think, and in my knowledge it  is not allowed to celebrate this even from the religion. This was my opinion it does not have to indicate on you.

Couple Workout : Fit together is fit forever

You may think what have to do this video which is shared from the Jaco Exellence YouTube channel with our blog fashion stuffs? But, here is the answer: if you want to look good with new clothes, with new dresses you have to do fitness. You have to do fitness to lose your weight if you are not in the appropriate weight. 

In my opinion if you have been searching around about different diets how to lose weight stop searching
and start doing fitness. We are showing to you this video because in the video is a perfect couple that are doing fitness but during the exercises they do what do you think? Nothing at all just exercises but they fit together and it is so nice, because during the fitness you can talk to each other not just doing different exercises.

So talk to your partner and start fitness together because you will not just doing fitness to lose weight to have a better body, but you are going to have a perfect body for the perfect dresses, for the perfect clothes. But in the same time you can have a good time with your partner like the picture.

Maybe you may think what are they doing but it is just fitness and this is such a good way to do fitness with your partner, you will became a fitcouple and every clothes will fit great with you.

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Bikini Girl Fails Compilation

At this post at fashion stuffs we are going to show you a video from the 9GAG on YouTube channel. The summer is in the last days but what does it happens during this summer? Does everything went well for the girls in bikini?

This is a girl in bikini and of course she have done the right selection about her self because as you can see this bikini fits so much with her, but what will happen with her you can see from the video, while the waves does not let her to enjoy her accommodation. But will happen to her bikini? 
Bikini Girl Fails Compilation

In the photo behind you can see another girl in bikini and of course she looks so Georges with her bikini that fits so well with her hairs. So a fashion tip: You have brown hairs choose brown bikini, but what is happening with her in this video? Why she looks like she is screaming? Is she risking a lot being in that ball like that looks like the wrecking ball of Miley Cyrus that use in her song?

Bikini Girl Fails Compilation
But we are going to show you another girl in bikini and as you can see from the photo she is dancing near a motorbike and a lot of people are watching her performance, but what does it happens with her?
Bikini Girl Fails Compilation
Ok , every man would like to see her performance because I am a girl that i am writing this article but this girl is so great in her work and every man would love her performance in bikini, but this was not her day.

This is the last photo that we want to show you this girl is making a performance for somebody in her webcam and she is in bikini but what does it happens? While she is showing her perfect body, which every girl can be jealous and every boy would like to have for her girlfriend, tow mans are looking from the window her performance while she have not noticed yet this man;s happy to watch a free performance, while their women's does not give them this satisfaction.
Bikini Girl Fails Compilation

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Gigi Hadid wows in a bikini for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge :D

Gigi Hadid wows in a bikini for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge :D
At this post at fashion stuffs we are going to talk again about the selected bikini from fashion girls like Gigi Hadid, who you all know. In this post we are not going to stay too long describing her, because we do not have to much things to describe while she has wear only a bikini there are not sunglasses or jeweler to talk about. But, What is she doing here? She is doing the Ice Bucket Challenge.   

Gigi Hadid wows in a bikini for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge :D
The moments when she is talking: 'In honor of my moms best friend @ellieod's brave and inspiring fight I am donating to the ALS research fund,' she wrote in the caption alongside her video.
Gigi Hadid wows in a bikini for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge :D
The pretty blonde slipped into a pink swimsuit to get cold water poured all over her. She is a little bit afraid but this makes her more dis arable and more nice, because she is showing the kindness and the sweetness of a girl, and this likes to much the boys.

Gigi Hadid wows in a bikini for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge :D

The last moment the cold water now is in all over her body and this makes her look so sensual and nice, watching to the comments in her instagram profile.
Gigi Hadid wows in a bikini for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge :D
This pictures have been taken from her profile in instagram where you can see the video of Gigi Hedid taking this challenge 

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Si te kemi buze voluminoze/ How to increase the volume of lips?

Ne kete postim tek fashion stuff do te flasim per disa sekrete se si mund te kemi buze me volume. Se si edhe ne mund te kemi buze si te aktoreve pa perdorur operacione.

Te gjithe jemi te magjepsur nga buzet plot volum, sidomos te femarave te televizionit, per te mesuar se si realizohet kjo ne menyre qe i dashuri juaj te ngele me goje hapur shikoni videon ose lexoni etapat si me poshte:

How to increase the volume of lips?  How to increase the volume of lips?

Per te patur buze te plota dhe me volume eshte i nevojshem perdorimi i lapsit te buzeve i cili ndihmon ne:

1. Korrigjimin e asimetrise.

2. I jep volum buzeve

3. Fikson mire buzekuqin brenda kontureve te buzeve.

Pra, fillimisht fillojme me lapsin e buzeve duke i lyer ato si ne foton e meposhtme:

How to increase the volume of lips?

Me pas vazhdojme duke lyer pjesen e brendshme te buzeve sic tregohet edhe nga video.
How to increase the volume of lips?
Gjate ketij procesi do perdorni pluhurin fiksues eshte nje produkt ne luhur dhe transparent ne aplikim. Nese nuk keni kete perdorni pudren normale .

In this article at fashion stuff we are going to talk about secrets how to increase the volume of lips.

We are all fascinated by the lips full volume, especially of females on television, to learn how to increase the volume of lips so that your boyfriend remain breathless watch the video or read the steps below:
In order to have full lips and volumes is necessary to use pencil edges which helps in:

1. Correction of asymmetry.

2. Gives lips volume

3. Fixes well within the contours of the lips.

So initially begin with pencil and lips painted by them as in the picture below:

Then continue by painted the interior of the edges as shown by the video.

During this process it will use fixative powder is a product transparent in application. If you do not have this kind of powder you can use the powder for normal use.

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Fashion Tips

In this post at fashion-stuffs at blogger we are going to share our opinions about the way you should be dressed and how to follow the latest fashion trends. So shortly we will give you some fashion tips.

In this years all we know that there are many different fashion combinations that can be made thanks to the number of clothes that exist today on the market. And unfortunately if you see this in another point of view: this also creates a problem, because it can be difficult to decide what should be worn for a certain occasion(for party. for dinner etc). Now, the fashion tips that we will give you, will give you an idea of how to dress for any situation that you have in life.

 First of all maybe to you this does not looks to important but it is:when purchasing a jacket or coat, you should take note of the number of buttons because the buttons on a coat jacket should never exceed three. Furthermore, a jacket with three buttons should only have the top-most button buttoned. This is an easy step to take that and this will keep you looking fashionable all day long.
Another fashion tip: don't shy away from thrift stores. You may be reluctant to wear used clothing, but keep an open mind. If you don't have much money to spend on a new outfit, your local thrift store could prove perfect. Check out thrift stores regularly because for sure you could end up finding some unique, fashionable additions to your wardrobe. Searching in this stores may be a little exhausting or tedious but believe me from my experience and my girlfriend experience at the least you are going to find something good, something fashionable.

Another fashion tip:when you are wearing a 'little black dress' to work because you can not wear something else with colorful dresses because your boss does not allow you or your job ethic forbid you. But if you want to give it a different look for after work, think about pairing it with colorful shoes, a scarf or some nice jewelry. You will ask to put them since in the morning or after job. You can carry the accessories in your bag and throw them on before you leave work for the day.
Fashion tip: Another fashion advice is to make sure that you always carry along with you some emergency style tools and this is so important in case you need to get a stain out, if you pop a button, or develop stains from deodorant.  Remember that always have at least a few items such as tape or safety pins on hand.

The last fashion tip but sometimes and for me it is the most important: you are not the only one who sees your fashion sense. Everyone who sees you knows what you dress looks, if it is the appropriate one or not does it needs more work on it or not(almost all girl see that). You need to choose clothes that wow others, but you also need to wow yourself. The right dresses, shoes, jeweler or T-shirt can do that, and the tips in this post can make that happen for you.

The last tip: Bookmark because you will find other fashion tips, and of course you can find everything else about fashion stuffs.

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Make Your Skin Glow At Home

In this article at fashion stuffs we are going to write about some beauty tips for bride before marriage. We are writing this article while now is summer and usually the marriages are done during the summer.

So, lets show some Homemade Beauty Tips for Brides before Marriage. All we have in our mind the question: How To Make Your Skin Glow At Home.
In this moment when our dreams are becoming reality we want: Perfect menu, heartfelt vows, ideal dresses, but this are not enough because there is the necessity of having gorgeous, glowing skin. As we all know that during the entire wedding since from the moment when you walk down the aisle to exchange the vows to the first dance with your husband, the eyes of all the participant's will be looking your face. So is very important to have a beautiful skin especially in the wedding day. But some experts whose opinions we are showing here achieving this goal, having a beautiful skin it is not so difficult. 
Homemade Bridal Beauty Tips Before Marriage

Veronica Barton, a leading expert in skincare with a lot of years experience, says that in the wedding day, smooth glowing skin is an absolute must.
Expert skin care tips for glowing skin on your wedding day
Barton – Schwartz established skin and body care center in Malibu , California , where she uses her extensive knowledge to help clients look and feel their best. Is she prepping a celebrity on the red carpet or a bride on her big day , it helps customers get smooth , healthy skin that really shines . Here are his top tips on skin care for brides – to – be:

The first tip is to start three months ahead of the wedding day,
You should start preparing for this day, meaning preparing for your skin for at least three months before the wedding day. This time will give you the chance to have a clean, glowing and smooth skin for your big day-says Burton.  We are going to show yous some advice based on your age:

20: when you are a bride that is in her 20s, it is a big possibility to have acne in your face and discoloration from sun damage. You should do a deep cleaning of your face based on this video:  How to cover acne:
30th to: ” In your 30s and 40s , the skin needs exfoliating regularly , because it just naturally exfoliates every 35 days , as opposed to every 14 days in your 20s. This is the time to start using retinoids to help improve the overall texture and tone of your skin , ” she says .
40s and 50s : ” In your 40s , your estrogen levels are sharpened so your skin will be drier . You will need to add collagen building peptides morning and evening with your skin care regime . In your 50s , you will notice a loss of elasticity and will have stronger antioxidant treatments and moisturizers. The older you get the more important to use a good moisturizer under serum to help combat dry skin and loss of elasticity , ” she explains.

How to be a stylish man

In this post at fashion stuffs we are going to give some advices how to be a stylish man. There are a few basic rules or principles that makes you to look good. Are this principles that all stylish man adhere. Whether you wear sports clothes, a suit or a Mohawk, one of the most essential tricks for looking amazing is to cultivate habits that boost your style.

Once you include these principles in your life and they become part of your lifestyle, you will find women approaching you more often and other mans watching you with envy.  Let's start with the tips:Have a reliable barber and see them every four week. So you should start taking care about your hairs like in the photo is shown. Next tip on how to be a stylish man, is to treat your clothes with respect and they will look new longer. Buy wooden hangers for your closet and take care to space your clothes out in that way they do not crash. Next tip on how to be a stylish man is to buy multiples: when you find something that looks so good in your body, like it was made especially for you, buy at least two.

How to be a stylish man   . Next tip: have a reliable Dry cleaner: a brilliant dry cleaner is the secret weapons of a stylish man's. Next tip on how to be a stylish man: Shop often but buy seldom. When you are coming back from home you can pop up in a few boutiques to check if something nice is there, but buy it only when it makes you look great. Choose the best of the perfume for you, read here for more in this topic. best-parfume-for-you. , because women use smell as one way to decipher if you will have chemistry as a couple. How to be a stylish man Another tip is to bookmark some fashion stuffs sites like this, where you are reading, and check for the latest news in fashion.
How to be a stylish man
How to be a stylish man As you can see from the photos we have taken them from  and in this pictures is the known stylish man, John Abraham. You can find a lot of stylish man through the internet but we picked this one because it shows the different styles of man's. You can be a chic man, a sportive man or a man that is going to the beach.
How to be a stylish man

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Summer Hairstyles for Short Hair

At this post at fashion stuff we are going to talk about Summer Hairstyles for Short Hair, and for this it is going to help this video from  ThatsHeart channel on YouTube. In this video you are going to find an amazing, fashionable girl showing you some easy Summer Hairstyles for you girls that have Short Hair.

First of all you got to brush your hairs out and this will make styling.

Summer Hairstyles for Short Hair

Summer Hairstyles for Short HairThe first Hairstyle: You should grab two small section from the top of your head. After that you should twist them together. And in every twist you should grab a section and twist it over the back(as is shown on the video and in the photo).

  So you should twist it, add a new section and twist it over the back. And you should do so until you will reach the top of the flames, and secure it with an elastic thread. After that you should gather the rest of your hair on the right side and you should add a chunk of hair to the twisted hairs.

And separate your hairs into three peaces and twist them like in the photo. And at last secure them with an elastic thread. And at final this is how you hairs should look: You can pulling peaces of hair over your face because you can look more nice

Summer Hairstyles for Short Hair

This the last phase of the first summer hairstyle for short hair, before the last one in the right where you can how good your hairs look.

After this first summer Hairstyle for Short Hair we are going to the next Summer hairstyle: which we will start with a hair protected sprite which protect our hairs form damage.

 You should and i should curl your hairs with 90 milimeter barrel and keep the hairs around to the barrel for 2 seconds. By doing his you will have nice curly hair, and you will look awesome.

And you should keep curling your hairs until they look as in the photo:
And after that repeat the first hairstyle twisting your hairs like in the photo and in the video:
And so we have the second Summer Hairstyle for Short Hair.

The last summer hairstyle for short hair i am going to show you just a photo and let you watch the video, to understand which is the last summer hairstyle for short hair.

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How To Cover Acne & Scars?

P.S. this video is made by: Melanie Murphy

In this video at fashion stuffs we are going to show you how to cover Acne & Scars? We are going to share this amazing video of  Melanie Murphy.

In this video have been shown how to cover Acne & Scars with a simple Make Up routine. Before watching this video you should now that no one is perfect and for all the girls that have acne please do not feel uncomfortable about this.

Watch this video and follow this three steps that have been shown here. It is really helpful and believe me you will feel great with your self and you will not think only how bad you look but you will think how Georges you look. You will not be caring about your face anymore, just use this simple steps, and what you have to take care after that is to decide what to wear: what color should be your dress, which one of them should be great with my make up, and please read this post about the trends of make up. 

In the photos below we are going to show you some steps how to cover acne &scars?
How To Cover Acne & Scars?

How To Cover Acne & Scars?
How To Cover Acne & Scars?

How To Cover Acne & Scars?

How To Cover Acne & Scars?

To answer the question How To Cover Acne & Scars? you should follow this steps mentioned here but of course to emphasize this steps you could see the video
1) Cleanse, tone and moisturize (this prepares the face for the make up & provides a great canvas)
2) Conceal, foundation (or BB cream as she will be using  in this tutorial), setting powder
3) Blush, contour, highlight

When contouring, I use the '3' trick that so many makeup artists swear by, where you brush the contour color in a '3' shape around your temples/forehead, under the cheekbone then under/along the jawline. 

So, i hope you enjoyed this video about the ways how to cover acne & scars, and now definitively you will look great in the eye of the people that watch you. 

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How to be a gentleman?

In this video at fashion-stuff we are going to show you a great man.

I am sharing this video at fashion stuff because first of all we should not get drunk, but even if we have a chance with a drunken girl to have sex, we should avoid that. Only because this is not love, even not sex but it is rape.

This video does not have any relation to the fashion stuffs & fashion tips, ways how to dress, ways how to look elegant, ways how to look beautiful, or ways how to look attractive, the trends of make up, but i really needed to share this video with you and i am very happy that this guys from India are showing to us a great lesson.

We show you ways how to look beautiful to the man's but we must not forget that we want to tell you that we really mean for man's like this on the video.

So, i hope you will enjoy this video and first of all do not get drunk and for all the man's please do not use this situations to "rape" the girls.

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Make-Up after party

In this post feel free to comment what do you think about this video?

So in this post at fashion stuffs we are going to show you a  video which it is not mine but i think that the nice girl which is here does not mind it based in the fact that the video is still under her copyrights. 

Anyway we are going to show to you how are faces are became after we come from a party.  So this video shows a Make-Up after party. When we go to the party we all want  to be as much fashionable as it is possible and we do not care about the cosmetics that we put in our face (read here the make-up trends 

Of course that we can not forget to use a red lipstick for our lips, by the way here you can read about the reasons that you should choose red lipstick when you go out for a party or a dinner, anyway read the article:

As you can see from the video her face is became like a "ghost face", so every time that we do make up before we go to the party we should not forget how Make-up after party will be.

Anyway a good point to discuss is what kind of cosmetics or make up stuffs should we choose, and our face will not be damaged from this cosmetics. Because we should not only think about a two hours that the party is, but we should think about the future of our face.

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How to choose the right underwear?

After i rode a nice article at wikihow,  with the title How to Choose Comfortable Underwear we decided to write another article in my blog but based in another fact in difference from wikihow that it is based on the fact:that almost 80 % of Americans people wear approximately the same type of underwear for the entire adult lives. 

In this video at fashion stuffs we are going to show you how important is to choose the right underwear for you and you boyfriend. 

This is  a funny video that i wanted to share with you because it is talking about fashion, about a girl that could not find her panties.

So see what kind of underwear she is looking for and so you can choose yours in the future. She a is very sexy and a nice girl with such a good choose about her underwear and who else have been watching this underwear better   than that fashion man that is looking in that place.

I shared this video only because i wanted to tell you how much important is to choose the right underwear for you because if you have not choose the right underwear your boyfriend will feel very bad. Anyway watching this video he will feel great even if you are without any underwear.

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Thanks for reading and watching the video and please feel free to comment or to suggest.

Most Stylish Women in the world

In this post at fashion stuff we are going to talk about the most stylish women in the world in this moment that we are talking about. We have reviewed a lot of Stylish women around and of course that this women's are very talented in what they do, but the concurrence is very tough in this field.

We are mentioning what the great fashion goddess Coco Channel: fashion changes all the time, but style endures.  Every season the fashion changes, and with this changes you are forced to comply with if you want to pass of in the road or in the red carpet like a fashionable men or women.
So, this are the women's that are running this world the world of style, the world that makes the women's so nice and so beautiful. This are the women's that makes are feel like princess when we pass away and everybody is looking in our style.
In the 10-th place is Kate Moss

Most Stylish Women in the world
Most Stylish Women in the world

All we know the story of this women when she was a supermodel of the world's favorite, she was addicted to drugs. She admitted to rehab and all her fans was very disappointed about what she was doing with her life, with her talent in fashion. But, what is an amazing think about her fans and for herself and all the addicted to drug is that when she came out of rehab all clean and sober, all the the best designers in the world and the best agencies wanted to hire her. The parents, the adults and the teachers was not okay with this offers that she was taking because they thought that this can reflect a poor judgment at the little girls because they may think that its okay to do drugs because the life will go on. 

But, what Kate did? She never heard this judgments and this critics on her but she started to do what she does best. Rocker chic jackets, biker and grunge elements, ripped tees and hippie flower child gowns showcase the dark and tumultuous side of her persona. In this moment that we are talking in 2014, she has put those unfortunate incidents behind her. She is now happily married with a daughter she adores, Kate Moss is no longer the wild child. But her style fortunately is. So we decided to put her in this position after we saw her style and her life. 
In the 9-th position is  Alexa Chung

Most Stylish Women in the world
Most Stylish Women in the world

Another women that is mentioned like a stylish women is Alexa Chung. N.Fielding have said a nice think that we want to mention here in fashion stuff: "Nobody wants a real job anymore. Everybody wanted to be Alexa Chung." This women is is one of the women's that seems that seems to be doing it all.She writes and runs her own show and she is a beauty editor at Vogue and is the face of DKNY Jeans.And as you know she was also the face of Pepe Jeans. 

In this photo we can look her simple style during her show.

Most Stylish Women in the world
Most Stylish Women in the world
Of course this way of wearing looks so easy to follow but her style is a little bit difficult to follow. 

And unfortunately for some other women's that are so nice and fashionable and full of style: she was voted the world’s best dresses woman by Teen Vogue, beating contenders like Katy Perry and Kristen Stewart. I am sorry K.Stewart i had to mention this.
So we wish this women the best of this world especially in this fields that she is running for.

In this post at fashion stuffs we talked about the most stylish women's in the world. We are going to mention the other women's stylish in the world after a few days so bookmark our page to know the other women;s that are so stylish that every women wants to follow her. 

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The color of spring 2014

In this post at fashion stuffs we are going to talk about the fashion trends for this spring, what will be the colors that will be favorite to the stylists. The color of spring 2014 will be...

All we know that is hard picking the right one for this season . It seems like every season the fashion outside of the shows just keeps getting better and better. Some champions such as Caroline Issa, Miroslava Duma, and Taylor Tomasi Hill continue to be marvelous with their inspiring choices, fierce individuals like Anne-Catherine Frey and Yasmin Sewell can always be trusted to bring a new twist to their personal style. And , after combing through more than 300 photos shot by our steadfast photographer Phil Oh in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, here are some of the  standouts of the season.
The color of spring 2014

In this spring of 2014 all shades of nude are all over the runways, and although winter is not officially over, we can  say that nude will be the color of spring 2014.

And as you know It is really easy to match nude with any color like orange,black or white, and of course it looks great with a tanned body. Whatever you picked cream, apricot, tan, beige, caramel shade, or cream pink it will be easy to pull it off.
The Little Black Dress (LBD) is a  classic dress that every woman loves and appreciates and after that every classical or fashionable women can wear that. Just if you choose the right black dress can effortlessly make a woman look elegant, sophisticated, glummer and put together all her stuffs.In a classical dinner, in a ceremony in a party, wherever , you may be looking a new little black dress that may be the best choice for you.

So do not think that Black Dress makes you not a fashion girl, or you may think that it is an old fashion. No, it is not true it will make you look great. This dress will be great to wear for this spring 2014.
The color of spring 2014

You can find around in the internet reviews of fifteen little black dress styles ranging from classic to trendy. And i hope  you’ll find the little black dress of your desires and you will amaze you partner.
In this post we wrote about the color of spring 2014, which one will be the right color for you to wear, which color will be the right color to be attractive and sexy.

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This is our first post for this year at fashion-stuffs and i hope that everything is going to be all right.
And all over the year we are going to talk about fashion, about things that the beautiful and nice women's should wear, but in the same time we should not forget what the man's should wear.

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