Men’s Key Colour: Orange


We’ve been talking about orange for a while here at FashionBeans; Alex reported it as a key SS13 colour trend back in March and Matt recently included it as one of his personal AW13 menswear picks, so it was only a matter of time before we took a look at how the trend has developed for the upcoming colder months.

For me, autumn/winter is by far the easiest time of the year to begin adding colour to your wardrobe. The tones are richer yet more muted, the blend between individual shades is much softer and the darker colours we traditionally associate with the season help to restrain bolder hues and keep them under control.

Textures also come into play. Over the past few months I’ve gained a real appreciation of just how much texture impacts the aesthetic of an outfit. Varying weight wools, different weaves and alternative fabrics can dramatically alter the way an item looks and wears, and when it comes to colour it can add a whole new dimension to a look or help to tame the shade.

With all this in mind, today we will break down the key ways you can look to integrate orange into your personal style this year, from statement to subtle…

Introducing orange outerwear into your wardrobe can be difficult. For example, even the most confident dresser would be hard pressed to pull off an orange overcoat. Even if you think you could, outside of the most fashionable cities in your respective country, you might find that it attracts more than a little unwanted attention.

But don’t let that discourage you. Orange coats and jackets can be a fantastic addition to your repertoire, especially if you already have your timeless basics down – leather biker, pea coat, beige mac/overcoat, indigo denim jacket etc. – and are looking for a signature statement piece this season.

For those wanting to take the plunge, try to avoid formal styles. Juxtaposing a bold orange overcoat with your suiting is most likely a step too far and has the potential to appear unprofessional. I’m all for pushing boundaries, but I also realise there is a limit.

Stick to casual silhouettes and consider investing in an orange fisherman’s jacket, Harrington/bomber or lightweight parka. These styles are perfect because the bright colour works with the aesthetic you’re trying to produce; fisherman’s jackets are traditionally bright, it’s more acceptable to wear a parka in a bolder tone and a Harrington or bomber jacket shows an appreciation of current trends.

These jackets are also perfect for the transitional season as many are unlined and lightweight, yet they remain wind and shower proof. However, this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t look into other styles – orange pea coats, denim jackets and workerwear-inspired versions can work just as well when you make them the focal point of your look and wear with plenty of confidence.

In terms of how to wear, just make sure use your jacket as the main statement piece within your outfit and let the colour really shine.

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