The fashion industry is one of the most versatile and prosperous markets in the world right now. Honestly, Americans are obsessed with money, and the industry is constantly evolving hopper perfect for this request. According to, the clothing industry is a billion dollars today. It is expected that the clothing market for single women earn about $ 621 billion in 2014. Needless to say, a work in the fashion industry is booming as a good career choice for many young persons in the current difficult economic situation. The fashion media – journalism, blogging, photography, public relations – are a big part of this industry.

Southern Methodist University is a leader in terms of professional resources that provide students with communication mode. With a well-established media and smaller universities now offer a specialization in fashion media from the graduating class of 2016.

Lowest student jumped into the program launched in 2011 benefited from the skills and contacts they have acquired the necessary program and “capstone” practices such as fashion photography and fashion journalism, with experience in the real world.

Chandler Broadrick, a sophomore at SMU, is a set of many students as president of the prestigious university with Rent the Runway.

“The way the program has helped me learn how to write a good blog,” says Broadrick. “I have also learned how to where can share the text with great photos and websites clothing labels readers to buy clothes.”

With the increasing presence of bloggers in the fashion industry, Broadrick learned these skills early in their college careers are extremely important. Many companies make their mark in the industry, helping authors and designers a profit from something as simple as fashion blogs thing. Working Broadrick Rent the Runway was to promote the company at SMU students.

“I would write a blog twice Fashion Week,” she said. “I would also like to increase the track update Twitter and Facebook traffic to the website.”

Opportunities like practices Kim Dawson Agency, D Magazine, and FD Luxe gave SMU student’s hands-on experience they need to compete for a career mode after graduation.

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