Summer Hairstyles for Short Hair

At this post at fashion stuff we are going to talk about Summer Hairstyles for Short Hair, and for this it is going to help this video from  ThatsHeart channel on YouTube. In this video you are going to find an amazing, fashionable girl showing you some easy Summer Hairstyles for you girls that have Short Hair.

First of all you got to brush your hairs out and this will make styling.

Summer Hairstyles for Short Hair

Summer Hairstyles for Short HairThe first Hairstyle: You should grab two small section from the top of your head. After that you should twist them together. And in every twist you should grab a section and twist it over the back(as is shown on the video and in the photo).

  So you should twist it, add a new section and twist it over the back. And you should do so until you will reach the top of the flames, and secure it with an elastic thread. After that you should gather the rest of your hair on the right side and you should add a chunk of hair to the twisted hairs.

And separate your hairs into three peaces and twist them like in the photo. And at last secure them with an elastic thread. And at final this is how you hairs should look: You can pulling peaces of hair over your face because you can look more nice

Summer Hairstyles for Short Hair

This the last phase of the first summer hairstyle for short hair, before the last one in the right where you can how good your hairs look.

After this first summer Hairstyle for Short Hair we are going to the next Summer hairstyle: which we will start with a hair protected sprite which protect our hairs form damage.

 You should and i should curl your hairs with 90 milimeter barrel and keep the hairs around to the barrel for 2 seconds. By doing his you will have nice curly hair, and you will look awesome.

And you should keep curling your hairs until they look as in the photo:
And after that repeat the first hairstyle twisting your hairs like in the photo and in the video:
And so we have the second Summer Hairstyle for Short Hair.

The last summer hairstyle for short hair i am going to show you just a photo and let you watch the video, to understand which is the last summer hairstyle for short hair.

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