How To Cover Acne & Scars?

P.S. this video is made by: Melanie Murphy

In this video at fashion stuffs we are going to show you how to cover Acne & Scars? We are going to share this amazing video of  Melanie Murphy.

In this video have been shown how to cover Acne & Scars with a simple Make Up routine. Before watching this video you should now that no one is perfect and for all the girls that have acne please do not feel uncomfortable about this.

Watch this video and follow this three steps that have been shown here. It is really helpful and believe me you will feel great with your self and you will not think only how bad you look but you will think how Georges you look. You will not be caring about your face anymore, just use this simple steps, and what you have to take care after that is to decide what to wear: what color should be your dress, which one of them should be great with my make up, and please read this post about the trends of make up. 

In the photos below we are going to show you some steps how to cover acne &scars?
How To Cover Acne & Scars?

How To Cover Acne & Scars?
How To Cover Acne & Scars?

How To Cover Acne & Scars?

How To Cover Acne & Scars?

To answer the question How To Cover Acne & Scars? you should follow this steps mentioned here but of course to emphasize this steps you could see the video
1) Cleanse, tone and moisturize (this prepares the face for the make up & provides a great canvas)
2) Conceal, foundation (or BB cream as she will be using  in this tutorial), setting powder
3) Blush, contour, highlight

When contouring, I use the '3' trick that so many makeup artists swear by, where you brush the contour color in a '3' shape around your temples/forehead, under the cheekbone then under/along the jawline. 

So, i hope you enjoyed this video about the ways how to cover acne & scars, and now definitively you will look great in the eye of the people that watch you. 

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How to be a gentleman?

In this video at fashion-stuff we are going to show you a great man.

I am sharing this video at fashion stuff because first of all we should not get drunk, but even if we have a chance with a drunken girl to have sex, we should avoid that. Only because this is not love, even not sex but it is rape.

This video does not have any relation to the fashion stuffs & fashion tips, ways how to dress, ways how to look elegant, ways how to look beautiful, or ways how to look attractive, the trends of make up, but i really needed to share this video with you and i am very happy that this guys from India are showing to us a great lesson.

We show you ways how to look beautiful to the man's but we must not forget that we want to tell you that we really mean for man's like this on the video.

So, i hope you will enjoy this video and first of all do not get drunk and for all the man's please do not use this situations to "rape" the girls.

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Make-Up after party

In this post feel free to comment what do you think about this video?

So in this post at fashion stuffs we are going to show you a  video which it is not mine but i think that the nice girl which is here does not mind it based in the fact that the video is still under her copyrights. 

Anyway we are going to show to you how are faces are became after we come from a party.  So this video shows a Make-Up after party. When we go to the party we all want  to be as much fashionable as it is possible and we do not care about the cosmetics that we put in our face (read here the make-up trends 

Of course that we can not forget to use a red lipstick for our lips, by the way here you can read about the reasons that you should choose red lipstick when you go out for a party or a dinner, anyway read the article:

As you can see from the video her face is became like a "ghost face", so every time that we do make up before we go to the party we should not forget how Make-up after party will be.

Anyway a good point to discuss is what kind of cosmetics or make up stuffs should we choose, and our face will not be damaged from this cosmetics. Because we should not only think about a two hours that the party is, but we should think about the future of our face.

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How to choose the right underwear?

After i rode a nice article at wikihow,  with the title How to Choose Comfortable Underwear we decided to write another article in my blog but based in another fact in difference from wikihow that it is based on the fact:that almost 80 % of Americans people wear approximately the same type of underwear for the entire adult lives. 

In this video at fashion stuffs we are going to show you how important is to choose the right underwear for you and you boyfriend. 

This is  a funny video that i wanted to share with you because it is talking about fashion, about a girl that could not find her panties.

So see what kind of underwear she is looking for and so you can choose yours in the future. She a is very sexy and a nice girl with such a good choose about her underwear and who else have been watching this underwear better   than that fashion man that is looking in that place.

I shared this video only because i wanted to tell you how much important is to choose the right underwear for you because if you have not choose the right underwear your boyfriend will feel very bad. Anyway watching this video he will feel great even if you are without any underwear.

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Thanks for reading and watching the video and please feel free to comment or to suggest.
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