Make-Up after party

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So in this post at fashion stuffs we are going to show you a  video which it is not mine but i think that the nice girl which is here does not mind it based in the fact that the video is still under her copyrights. 

Anyway we are going to show to you how are faces are became after we come from a party.  So this video shows a Make-Up after party. When we go to the party we all want  to be as much fashionable as it is possible and we do not care about the cosmetics that we put in our face (read here the make-up trends 

Of course that we can not forget to use a red lipstick for our lips, by the way here you can read about the reasons that you should choose red lipstick when you go out for a party or a dinner, anyway read the article:

As you can see from the video her face is became like a "ghost face", so every time that we do make up before we go to the party we should not forget how Make-up after party will be.

Anyway a good point to discuss is what kind of cosmetics or make up stuffs should we choose, and our face will not be damaged from this cosmetics. Because we should not only think about a two hours that the party is, but we should think about the future of our face.

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