How to be a gentleman?

In this video at fashion-stuff we are going to show you a great man.

I am sharing this video at fashion stuff because first of all we should not get drunk, but even if we have a chance with a drunken girl to have sex, we should avoid that. Only because this is not love, even not sex but it is rape.

This video does not have any relation to the fashion stuffs & fashion tips, ways how to dress, ways how to look elegant, ways how to look beautiful, or ways how to look attractive, the trends of make up, but i really needed to share this video with you and i am very happy that this guys from India are showing to us a great lesson.

We show you ways how to look beautiful to the man's but we must not forget that we want to tell you that we really mean for man's like this on the video.

So, i hope you will enjoy this video and first of all do not get drunk and for all the man's please do not use this situations to "rape" the girls.

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