How to choose the right underwear?

After i rode a nice article at wikihow,  with the title How to Choose Comfortable Underwear we decided to write another article in my blog but based in another fact in difference from wikihow that it is based on the fact:that almost 80 % of Americans people wear approximately the same type of underwear for the entire adult lives. 

In this video at fashion stuffs we are going to show you how important is to choose the right underwear for you and you boyfriend. 

This is  a funny video that i wanted to share with you because it is talking about fashion, about a girl that could not find her panties.

So see what kind of underwear she is looking for and so you can choose yours in the future. She a is very sexy and a nice girl with such a good choose about her underwear and who else have been watching this underwear better   than that fashion man that is looking in that place.

I shared this video only because i wanted to tell you how much important is to choose the right underwear for you because if you have not choose the right underwear your boyfriend will feel very bad. Anyway watching this video he will feel great even if you are without any underwear.

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Thanks for reading and watching the video and please feel free to comment or to suggest.

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