The color of spring 2014

In this post at fashion stuffs we are going to talk about the fashion trends for this spring, what will be the colors that will be favorite to the stylists. The color of spring 2014 will be...

All we know that is hard picking the right one for this season . It seems like every season the fashion outside of the shows just keeps getting better and better. Some champions such as Caroline Issa, Miroslava Duma, and Taylor Tomasi Hill continue to be marvelous with their inspiring choices, fierce individuals like Anne-Catherine Frey and Yasmin Sewell can always be trusted to bring a new twist to their personal style. And , after combing through more than 300 photos shot by our steadfast photographer Phil Oh in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, here are some of the  standouts of the season.
The color of spring 2014

In this spring of 2014 all shades of nude are all over the runways, and although winter is not officially over, we can  say that nude will be the color of spring 2014.

And as you know It is really easy to match nude with any color like orange,black or white, and of course it looks great with a tanned body. Whatever you picked cream, apricot, tan, beige, caramel shade, or cream pink it will be easy to pull it off.
The Little Black Dress (LBD) is a  classic dress that every woman loves and appreciates and after that every classical or fashionable women can wear that. Just if you choose the right black dress can effortlessly make a woman look elegant, sophisticated, glummer and put together all her stuffs.In a classical dinner, in a ceremony in a party, wherever , you may be looking a new little black dress that may be the best choice for you.

So do not think that Black Dress makes you not a fashion girl, or you may think that it is an old fashion. No, it is not true it will make you look great. This dress will be great to wear for this spring 2014.
The color of spring 2014

You can find around in the internet reviews of fifteen little black dress styles ranging from classic to trendy. And i hope  you’ll find the little black dress of your desires and you will amaze you partner.
In this post we wrote about the color of spring 2014, which one will be the right color for you to wear, which color will be the right color to be attractive and sexy.

Stay at to read more about fashion stuffs and to learn about what to wear or what you should not wear in any occasion.


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