Why you should choose red lipstick?

In this post at fashion stuffs we are going to talk about the lipstick that we should choose for our self's.

I had always played around with a pinkish brown color palette that could sometimes veer towards a light brick red. But not, as my mother would say, a true red. One day I was in a shop trying on lipsticks. The makeup artist at the counter looked at me, suggested that first red and, frankly, couldn’t have been more spot on. I have never looked back.

Why you should choose red lipstick
Somebody asked me why i use always red color for my lips i was stepped and i didn't know what to say after that my director asked me to write an article. When I was asked to write an article about why I wear red lipstick every day of my life, I wasn’t sure where to start. But then I made a list of Why’s and it became crystal clear. I’m the most me in red.

Here we are going to mention the reason why i use red lipstick
 1. I love the feeling of power I get wearing red. If the meek are going to inherit the earth, they won't do it in pale pink lipstick. When I’m wearing red, nothing can stop me. This is a great feeling, you believe that you are the one who can challenge the world. you feel like you are the one in the world.

2. With red we can adapt well (either that or I’ve become good at adapting it). If I go for glossy, or a straight red gloss in a tube, it’s less serious. More playful. The key to the look is starting with a matte lipstick. There are a lot of women that make the mistake of starting with a really moist lipstick and then adding a gloss but do that and you’ll be taking in on the chin within the hour. I can also go matte for a more dramatic look. When I want it matte, I just put on my lips – this one today  - dab a hint of powder over it to blot it, and forget about it.

Why you should choose red lipstick3. Red is bold. And bold is good. But red is also a classic. And I like that, too. Because sometimes I’m looking for a bold look but sometimes I’m going for my inner Jackie O. I do not have timid lips. It took me awhile to admit it, but hey, my lips are my best feature. It makes sense to highlight them

4. I have days that last forever, whether doing a shoot or the shows – a little mascara and some red lipstick and I’m good to go. Polished in under two minutes. For those of us who work in the industry, red lipstick is as timeless as, well, time. Periodically, I get a new one. Totally unnecessary, perhaps. But not to my morale. This is the latest, greatest that’s rocking my world  #37 Rouge Artist Intense. I may just buy shoes that match.

Now you should try it. you must find your red and you will feel ready to take on the world.

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Now we are talking about glummer. Have you ever heard about this concept? what does this means? in this post we are going to explain what does it means to be glamorous in the eye of the others . I guessed that everybody wants to be glamour women or man but who achieve this.

You’ll find fashion design programs here, but some of the schools listed don’t offer fashion design. now i hope that this post will be helpful for you. We hope it’s helpful as a starting point. Tuition prices don’t include fees and housing.If you see an asterisk, it denotes a CFDA-affiliated program. Like our previous rankings, this list includes undergraduate degrees only.

Richemont does not publish a breakdown by brand of revenue and profit.  From creating an ombré across your eyelid to pairing complementary shades along your bottom and top lashline, this look is all about colour theory. So grab a bold eyeshadow you’ve yet to try

Turnaround specialist Change Capital and consumer goods expert Lion Capital are among the only few that have expressed strong interest. Asian group Swire is also looking to team up with a private equity firm to make a bid, sources said.

Change Capital is a private equity firm set up by retail veteran Luc Vandevelde which today controls French ready-to-wear brand Paule Ka, while Lion Capital has invested in fashion brands such as Jimmy Choo and still owns a stake in American Apparel and AllSaints.

As much as the runway sets the pace for what’s to come for the top Spring 2014 trends, the streets play a major role as show-going trendsetters give us the relatable breakdown of how to wear what’s hot next season.
It happens more than we like to admit here at Glamour HQ! Sometimes, after a great new high-low collaboration hits stores, two or three editors will show up wearing the same dress on Monday—styled up differently, of course! 

Or, more often than not, everyone ends up buying the same top at Zara one weekend.Whether you both laughed it off—or you turned around and went home immediately to change—now there's a Tumblr that celebrates the match-match.
There are more requests for posts related to traditional figure-flattery priorities than just about any other topic, so many discussions point in that direction. You are the one wearing the clothes and feeling the feelings, and that means you get to make the choices…we will post again about this subject in the future.

For a comprehensive look you have to…

If you want to have a better look you must cure your view, your eyes especially because is the place where the people see you when they talk. As I’ve said many times, even if a woman looks ghastly in yellow I’m inclined to tell her to keep on wearing it if it makes her feel amazing. And, of course, there are ways to wear color that will have minimal impact on your complexion: Lower on the body, as shoes or accessories, or broken up within patterns.

But over twenty years ago, I started working with God's Love We Deliver, here in New York, and I saw that when you delivered a meal to someone, nutrition was the quickest transformation, far faster and more effective than anything I could design." Let it be known: Kors is possibly the only designer to liken jeans to a square meal and actually make sense.
Taking inspiration from literature, punk culture, and art, she applies a quintessentially British sense of humour to the creative process. Hidden motifs and surprises are Ali's signatures.. London plays an important role in the design process too with Ali spending days drawing in the British Museum and Royal Academy of Arts.

The law applies to all forms of modeling, including both print and runway. The new law takes effect in 30 days and will greatly impact the casting of models for New York Fashion Week, in February.

 The rules include:
-Requirements of filing paperwork with the state
-Limiting the work hours of models who are minors and letting them leave before midnight on school nights or 12:30 a.m. on weekends
To make sure that 15 percent of the models fee is put in the trust account
-Making sure that models do not miss 3 or more consecutive days of school without providing a tutor
-For models under 16 (who would violate the CFDA Health Initiative rules for runway but might be used for junior or children’s lines, for example), must provide a chaperone

f you have an interest list, whether to design it or take a more behind-the-scenes role, there are tons of amazing school options to consider.
For a comprehensive look, you can take a peek at our , which pretty much covers the entire world. Think you want to stick with US schools? 

Now, beauty brands are launching gritty, matte and high-gloss polishes, and top coats flecked with chunks of glitter or fabric. And now you who have heard about what you must do for a great looks, go to the shops buy everything like clothes and jewelry and everybody will change opinion about your look. 

Jewelers Trend on the spring summer 2014

In this post at fashion stuffs we are going to talk about jewelers trend on the spring summer 2014.

What with many of you being workers: use your knowledge to field those questions and help each other out.
weather-appropriate footwear is on the forefront of our minds at the moment. Now is the time to stock up on staples you can run around town in—through rain and snow—and still look good doing it. The classic black bootie is the perfect option. Here, we show you just how versatile this look can be, using layers to transform it for every need.

This approach is frugally minimalist - which is good. But it has its drawbacks. When you're always looking for a blazer or a long cardigan or a trench coat - the classics, in other words - you're but a step away from boring. And if you team classic clothes with classic jewellery, you are officially a Stepford Wife.
The solution is chunky, statement jewelers. (Or a wholesale style makeover, but that's not going to happen to me. I saw a colleague looking fabulous in an embellished tee and PVC circle skirt yesterday and could only look on in envy. It's not me, and if it ain't you, it ain't you. End of.)

Jewelers Trend on the spring summer 2014Statement jewellery works especially well in winter, with chunky knits and high necklines. And it also happens to have been the stand-out jewelers trend on the spring summer 2014 catwalks: there were fat brass bangles at Chloé, wide space-age bracelets at Céline (main picture), metal and leather cuffs at Elie Saab and Jean Paul Gaultier and knuckledusters a-plenty.Our first thoughts were, "Wait, we want to be hanging out in a graveyard watching PLL with Troian, Lucy, Sasha, and Ashley!" Our second: "IS SASHA REALLY WEARING 

A RED COAT?"So, of course, we then had to assume that all of the girls' outfits were clues about the upcoming episode! So what was the cast hinting with their premiere outfits last night? Here are our predictions—watch out for a few possible spoilers!

Jewelers Trend on the spring summer 2014

"We're just trying to raise awareness," says Kors. "We're not trying to get you to buy anything. We just want people to understand that they can help."
What drew Kors to this particular cause? "Well, as much as I love doing a fashion show, and it's exciting and fun and glamorous and all that, my favorite thing about being a designer is seeing someone be transformed," he says. "You know, when you put on the right pair of jeans and the right shoes, and you look in the mirror and you're like, 'Ooh!' I love that!  

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Gorgeous Models

In this post at fashion-stuffs we are going to talk about the models that have been looking so amazing during the last year. Which are this girls that are so stunning? 

I love modeling as much as I love life itself and would describe it as to be a fire burning within my heart.  I know that there are millions of gorgeous models on this planet so what would make me stand out? My personality and high cheek bones.

I am very confident, energetic, loving, caring, and determine. I go after what I want and persevere. Doing a print job and/or runway shows for brand name designers around the world are everything I hope to succeed in toward my modeling dream.

Regardless of whether or not it’s snowed where you’re located, the chill in the air may have you layering jackets and coats in anticipation of the weather to come. So, we have compiled 5 different outerwear looks to spark some fresh layering ideas. 

Proving that speed dating needn’t be confined to the relationship kind, CJSD invites creative entrepreneurs, employees, agencies, companies and start-up businesses to meet one another, in the hope of fostering new contacts and future collaborations. Guests are asked to bring along a buddy from the creative business, making for a broader spectrum of interests

Our session of the CJSD is fashion themed, and the participating professionals from the industry, as well as all of you fashion-minded individuals, will make for a truly buzzing atmosphere. 

The meeting point is Das Heinz in the former headquarters of the Austrian Textile Industry, breathing in a sense of symbolisms to this professional yet highly enjoyable event.  To work with FRAU or indeed become a member or affiliate, we only require you have public liablity insurance paid to a group/association and can prove this on request.

Gorgeous Models

If you do, then we are happy to work with you. We portray all aspects of Third Reich womens roles, from mother to DRK to Reichspost. We attend many shows country wide as well as in Europe and Russia. 

There is no age limit, but we ask that hair colour, piercings etc. are authentic or removed. That make up is kept to a minimum and that you strive to improve your impression/s with time.  Seek advice and ask about work or post information about potential job opportunities that you think might be of interest to other Fukers.

- For work dilemmas and queries or just general chatter.
There's always a great deal of talk spread across threads regarding employment and work - 

Stay at to learn more about fashion, clothes, dresses and how to wear to look gorgeous. 

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