The development of fashion during years

At this post at fashion-stuffs we are going to talk about development of fashion.
How fashion stuffs have changed during the years. What we have been wearing and what do we wear now?

As soon as it was introduced in 1938, women embraced synthetic nylon as a replacement for silk stockings. In the early 1940s, however, with silk already diverted to the war effort, the government recognized similar uses for nylon and commandeered it as well. Women responded by coating their legs in tan makeup and drawing lines up the backs of their calves to mimic seams. By the time the war ended and stockings returned to store shelves, nylon had become a generic term for hosiery. 

Art imitates life for this collaboration as the geometric synergy and design harmony in the collection, reflect their own cohesive vision in everything from textiles to technology. “Naturally we’re from different places” Gil said with a thick Israeli accent. “Gabriel from Lebanon even has roots in Palestine. We’re from all over and we united to make our dreams come alive together. We chose Jewish, Muslim, and Christian tiles as we realized they’re so similar and they work so well in unison.” Just like the three bold designers themselves.

There are certain warehouses that will buy brand-name items and sell the for a low price. Look for some in your area. Among the initiatives, Kors teams will give away “Watch Hunger Stop” T-shirts outside his New York, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo and Hong Kong stores on that day. Those who receive one can go inside and have their picture taken in a photo booth wearing the T, which will be live-streamed on billboards in New York’s Times Square

Meanwhile, Kors’ special 100 Series watch will, with each $295 sale, continue to provide 100 children in hunger-stricken areas with a meal. Free of potentially harmful toluene, formaldehyde and camphor, the polishes have a gloss finish which can instantly be transformed with the aforementioned top coat for a chic, velvety matt effect. Don't even attempt to resist them.

Magic, a moody blue shade, joins the sparkle-flecked black Cosmic, both of which have been created especially for Fashion's Night Out. Nail artist Sophy Robson will be at the Chanel counter with her assistant, offering manicures with the exclusive shades. there are little tricks to make your clothes fit better, look better and last longer. And not taking the best care of the items you already own means you're not getting the most bang for your clothing buck.

We put together our list of the top ten most valuable items worth spending a little money on. From the $9 do-it-all tool that takes care of fallen hems, gaping holes and visible bra straps to a successful way to bypass dry cleaning bills, these little fashion fixers won't disappoint

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