Gorgeous Models

In this post at fashion-stuffs we are going to talk about the models that have been looking so amazing during the last year. Which are this girls that are so stunning? 

I love modeling as much as I love life itself and would describe it as to be a fire burning within my heart.  I know that there are millions of gorgeous models on this planet so what would make me stand out? My personality and high cheek bones.

I am very confident, energetic, loving, caring, and determine. I go after what I want and persevere. Doing a print job and/or runway shows for brand name designers around the world are everything I hope to succeed in toward my modeling dream.

Regardless of whether or not it’s snowed where you’re located, the chill in the air may have you layering jackets and coats in anticipation of the weather to come. So, we have compiled 5 different outerwear looks to spark some fresh layering ideas. 

Proving that speed dating needn’t be confined to the relationship kind, CJSD invites creative entrepreneurs, employees, agencies, companies and start-up businesses to meet one another, in the hope of fostering new contacts and future collaborations. Guests are asked to bring along a buddy from the creative business, making for a broader spectrum of interests

Our session of the CJSD is fashion themed, and the participating professionals from the industry, as well as all of you fashion-minded individuals, will make for a truly buzzing atmosphere. 

The meeting point is Das Heinz in the former headquarters of the Austrian Textile Industry, breathing in a sense of symbolisms to this professional yet highly enjoyable event.  To work with FRAU or indeed become a member or affiliate, we only require you have public liablity insurance paid to a group/association and can prove this on request.

Gorgeous Models

If you do, then we are happy to work with you. We portray all aspects of Third Reich womens roles, from mother to DRK to Reichspost. We attend many shows country wide as well as in Europe and Russia. 

There is no age limit, but we ask that hair colour, piercings etc. are authentic or removed. That make up is kept to a minimum and that you strive to improve your impression/s with time.  Seek advice and ask about work or post information about potential job opportunities that you think might be of interest to other Fukers.

- For work dilemmas and queries or just general chatter.
There's always a great deal of talk spread across threads regarding employment and work - 

Stay at to learn more about fashion, clothes, dresses and how to wear to look gorgeous. 

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