Most Stylish Women in the world

In this post at fashion stuff we are going to talk about the most stylish women in the world in this moment that we are talking about. We have reviewed a lot of Stylish women around and of course that this women's are very talented in what they do, but the concurrence is very tough in this field.

We are mentioning what the great fashion goddess Coco Channel: fashion changes all the time, but style endures.  Every season the fashion changes, and with this changes you are forced to comply with if you want to pass of in the road or in the red carpet like a fashionable men or women.
So, this are the women's that are running this world the world of style, the world that makes the women's so nice and so beautiful. This are the women's that makes are feel like princess when we pass away and everybody is looking in our style.
In the 10-th place is Kate Moss

Most Stylish Women in the world
Most Stylish Women in the world

All we know the story of this women when she was a supermodel of the world's favorite, she was addicted to drugs. She admitted to rehab and all her fans was very disappointed about what she was doing with her life, with her talent in fashion. But, what is an amazing think about her fans and for herself and all the addicted to drug is that when she came out of rehab all clean and sober, all the the best designers in the world and the best agencies wanted to hire her. The parents, the adults and the teachers was not okay with this offers that she was taking because they thought that this can reflect a poor judgment at the little girls because they may think that its okay to do drugs because the life will go on. 

But, what Kate did? She never heard this judgments and this critics on her but she started to do what she does best. Rocker chic jackets, biker and grunge elements, ripped tees and hippie flower child gowns showcase the dark and tumultuous side of her persona. In this moment that we are talking in 2014, she has put those unfortunate incidents behind her. She is now happily married with a daughter she adores, Kate Moss is no longer the wild child. But her style fortunately is. So we decided to put her in this position after we saw her style and her life. 
In the 9-th position is  Alexa Chung

Most Stylish Women in the world
Most Stylish Women in the world

Another women that is mentioned like a stylish women is Alexa Chung. N.Fielding have said a nice think that we want to mention here in fashion stuff: "Nobody wants a real job anymore. Everybody wanted to be Alexa Chung." This women is is one of the women's that seems that seems to be doing it all.She writes and runs her own show and she is a beauty editor at Vogue and is the face of DKNY Jeans.And as you know she was also the face of Pepe Jeans. 

In this photo we can look her simple style during her show.

Most Stylish Women in the world
Most Stylish Women in the world
Of course this way of wearing looks so easy to follow but her style is a little bit difficult to follow. 

And unfortunately for some other women's that are so nice and fashionable and full of style: she was voted the world’s best dresses woman by Teen Vogue, beating contenders like Katy Perry and Kristen Stewart. I am sorry K.Stewart i had to mention this.
So we wish this women the best of this world especially in this fields that she is running for.

In this post at fashion stuffs we talked about the most stylish women's in the world. We are going to mention the other women's stylish in the world after a few days so bookmark our page to know the other women;s that are so stylish that every women wants to follow her. 

So bookmark our blog to here more about fashion stuffs about the latest news about fashion, the latest news about designers, about the stylish women etc.

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