Donjeta Kosumi "Kallashi", fashion girl

In this post at fashion stuffs we are going to talk about Donjeta Kosumi or her artistic name "Kallashi", the reason why we have choose to talk about her is that one of our fans have send us an email and request us to analyze her fashion style, or to analyze the case, how she became so famous in just few days. Usually we search in the internet and we find some of  the photos of the fashion girls that have something interesting to say about her clothes about her colors of the lipstick, something about the way she look in a beautiful dress of Armani or Dolce Gabana. 

But, unfortunately during the serach in the ethernet we did not find to much things about her clothes. Do you know why? I think that every body that is from Albania knows the reason why: the reason is that she does not like too much clothes, and her photos does not have to much clothes. Maybe this was the reason why a lot of fans asked us to write something about Donjeta, or Kallashi 

The only photos that we found interesting in the view of a fashion designer or fashion fans, we are going to show you here:
Donjeta Kosumi "Kallashi", fashion girl

This is the first photo that we want you to show because we can say somethings about this photo is that she have done a good selection of the color of the lipstick, based in our fashion tips of the lipsticks: why you should choose red lipstick  red lipstick is a perfect selections especially in the case of kallashi (Donjeta Kosumi, ) when she have black hairs and black eyes. Good choice Donjeta. Another thing that is interesting about her is the necklace is so perfect. 

Donjeta Kosumi "Kallashi", fashion girl

This photo we found in her Instagram profile we just liked her nails and we showed this photo, but in the same time every albanian will feel good with this symbol.

Donjeta Kosumi "Kallashi", fashion girl

In fact this is another photo of her, and are the same reasons that we mentioned before that we showed this photo: the color of the lips, and the color of her hairs, they fits so well together.

Donjeta Kosumi "Kallashi", fashion girl
in this photo looks like she have dressed a black dress and it makes her looks good, and i guess that every women would like her girlfriend to wear something like that because that dress is so nice for man;s, every man knows now what I am talking about: YES BLACK DRESS, perfect choice. 

We know that maybe we are showing to much photos of her, but I think that I should show this photo too:

Donjeta Kosumi "Kallashi", fashion girl
In this photo you can see Donjeta that have dressed a black dress, and this makes her look full of charm, full of class and especially the optic glasses, makes her look like she is a student girl, and that makes her look so young. We can see the necklace, too: that is another different selection of "KALLASHI", but we are not so sure if this necklace is better than the first one. Our fashion stuffs thinks that it is better for her to use the first one. 

So we hope that you liked this post about this fashion girl from Albania "Donjeta Kosumi "Kallashi", fashion girl", and we hope that you liked her dresses, her way of wearing, and we hope that you like the other photos that are in her profile. If you want to read more about different ways of dressing, about advances of fashion, about necklace, about lipsticks etc.

I want to mention that the photos are taken from Donjeta Kosumi's facebook profile and from her profile in instagram. I want to add to that in the next article we are going to write about the best universities in europer now, because we wrote an article about the best universities in New York and we had a lot of request by email to write an article about the best universities in europe, or the best fashion universities or schools in Europe.


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