A charm girl or a tough girl?

In this post at fashion stuffs we want you to show a video from the YouTube channel mmcandy. The reason why we are showing this to you because this was the first time that I saw that there are training for girls about "Arm Triangle" or for the Girl Fight.

But we want to show you this video because every girl in her life have to choose to be a charm girl or a tough girl or to say the right word: the fight girl. 

I do not have nothing about  this girls that give this kind of lessons but I think that what we need  in this days is to have girls like Taylor Swift. So the question is how you want to be a charm girl or a tough girl

So what mans really want from their women's a women that acts like a man, or a charm girl fool of fashion, a women that will be nice to walk with her, a women that make you proud with your friend, parents etc. 

But what do we want to say is that, girls try to became women's full of charm, full  of elegance and every man will be yours and not just only this but you will achieve success in your life.

Source of the video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkKO2GkNmZaX9LEImtOv3yQ

What I can mention from the video is that the girls in the video looks to be to charm and looks beautiful if they will follow our tips that we write here at our fashion blog, fashion stuffs.


This photo have been taken from the instagram profile of Taylor Swift, where she is doing her make up, and this makes her more nice, more women, and more attractive to all the mans. By the way her lipstick in red fits so great with her, while she is a blonde girl and she reminds us Marlyn Monro.

I want to mention that this is just our point of view and everybody have  her ways of thinking but we think that our fashion tips make our society more peaceful and our world is a better place with love around and with women's that try to be beautiful, elegant, gorgeous and very attractive.

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