Why you should choose red lipstick?

In this post at fashion stuffs we are going to talk about the lipstick that we should choose for our self's.

I had always played around with a pinkish brown color palette that could sometimes veer towards a light brick red. But not, as my mother would say, a true red. One day I was in a shop trying on lipsticks. The makeup artist at the counter looked at me, suggested that first red and, frankly, couldn’t have been more spot on. I have never looked back.

Why you should choose red lipstick
Somebody asked me why i use always red color for my lips i was stepped and i didn't know what to say after that my director asked me to write an article. When I was asked to write an article about why I wear red lipstick every day of my life, I wasn’t sure where to start. But then I made a list of Why’s and it became crystal clear. I’m the most me in red.

Here we are going to mention the reason why i use red lipstick
 1. I love the feeling of power I get wearing red. If the meek are going to inherit the earth, they won't do it in pale pink lipstick. When I’m wearing red, nothing can stop me. This is a great feeling, you believe that you are the one who can challenge the world. you feel like you are the one in the world.

2. With red we can adapt well (either that or I’ve become good at adapting it). If I go for glossy, or a straight red gloss in a tube, it’s less serious. More playful. The key to the look is starting with a matte lipstick. There are a lot of women that make the mistake of starting with a really moist lipstick and then adding a gloss but do that and you’ll be taking in on the chin within the hour. I can also go matte for a more dramatic look. When I want it matte, I just put on my lips – this one today  - dab a hint of powder over it to blot it, and forget about it.

Why you should choose red lipstick3. Red is bold. And bold is good. But red is also a classic. And I like that, too. Because sometimes I’m looking for a bold look but sometimes I’m going for my inner Jackie O. I do not have timid lips. It took me awhile to admit it, but hey, my lips are my best feature. It makes sense to highlight them

4. I have days that last forever, whether doing a shoot or the shows – a little mascara and some red lipstick and I’m good to go. Polished in under two minutes. For those of us who work in the industry, red lipstick is as timeless as, well, time. Periodically, I get a new one. Totally unnecessary, perhaps. But not to my morale. This is the latest, greatest that’s rocking my world  #37 Rouge Artist Intense. I may just buy shoes that match.

Now you should try it. you must find your red and you will feel ready to take on the world.

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