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His provocative and characteristically wacky proposals have included a Big Bird suit of feathers in banker’s grey; punky makeup paired with papal-like capes; matronly skirts topped by jackets with the Hulk’s shoulders; see-through pants; square pants; and pants with three legs.
You might ask yourself, “Who but a clown is going to wear this stuff?” But you are not thinking right becouse all the theatrical pieces serve to put into relief the Thom Browne suit. Consisting of a short, snug jacket and trousers cropped to shin-revealing heights, it has been the basis of everything Browne has done since he launched his business a dozen years ago. In the beginning, it seemed extreme, was mocked and incited comparisons to Pee-wee Herman, but it has turned out to be a defining shape of men’s clothing today.

A Single Man, the debut feature from esteemed menswear designer Tom Ford. As you might expect, the style in Ford’s film is is as important as just about anything else in the picture and perhaps unsurprisingly, the clothing is one of the most memorable aspects of it. Every piece worn by Colin Firth was designed by Ford himself for the occasion, and so it only follows that a trip to the Tom Ford section of your local luxury store is the best way to literally follow suit. Those prices, however, might keep some non A-listers at bay.

If you want to see something really freaky, take a look at an average suit from just six years ago. I’ve got one. Both jacket and pants are slightly too long, and the whole thing is made from the kind of lightweight, ultrafine wool that drapes like silk. Put it on, and it feels like a kimono.

If you are drawing a blank on what to give your dad this year, you’re in luck because we’ve put together the ultimate shopping guide with a selection of 28 gifts for dad to help you get started on that shopping this upcoming weekend.

For the stylish fathers out there, we’ve got everything from slick runners to silk pajamas and chic cuff links. If your dad is at odds with time, you’ll hit the gift jackpot with a statement watch. As the temperature dips and the chance of precipitation rises, functional footwear comes to the fore. This doesn't mean, however, that you need — or should, for that matter — forgo style. Many brands have combined the two so that shielding yourself from the elements has never looked so good.

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