The Right Haircut For You

The Right Haircut For You

At this post at fashion stuff we are going to talk about different haircuts that girls use, but we want to show you which one is the best haircut for you: 

There’s nothing worse than getting your haircut and realising it doesn’t suit your face shape. Hair trends change all the time, yet the majority of styles are not ‘one size fits all’ – some WILL look better with different face shapes, therefore it’s extremely important to take this into account when choosing your next haircut.

The Right Haircut For You
The Right Haircut For You
Each person is different and our face shapes vary massively. Some men will have to take their face shape into account more than others; the majority will want to create the impression of a squarer face shape, which is both incredibly masculine and widely recognised as the most pleasing to the eye.

To achieve this ideal shape, long faces need shortening, wide faces need lengthening and angular faces would require a softer finished haircut.

The Right Haircut For You
The Right Haircut For You
Many customers come into the salon well prepared, with pictures or ideas about how they would like their hair. However, as a stylist, I find it’s vital that you consider an individual’s face shape when doing a consultation.
The Right Haircut For YouThe Right Haircut For You

As you can see from the photos there are different haircuts, but as a stylist i would suggest you to change your haircuts as much as you can, try different things for your hair. And ask your boyfriend and your friends if do you look good. But you should never forget that every haircut that you choose should be in harmony with your face.

While every one is different our faces are different so choose your haircut based on your face shape and not in the model of the haircut of your friend, maybe that is the right haircut for you friend but for you it is not.
I would always suggest asking your stylist if they think the haircut you have chosen will suit your face shape – if they don’t think it will, ask how you can alter the style to make it work for you.

A haircut is personal and should be created to suit your face shape and hair type, as well as your image and personality. With this in mind, today I will break down the most prominent face shapes that are seen on male clients, and provide some general advice/guidelines as to hairstyles that suit

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